Volume 14 Number 5 (October/November 2007)

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On The Heights by Pamela Patrick White
  • Just Everyday Tools by Mike Moore (Staff Writer)
  • A Persona: The Dream by David A. Schmid (Contributing Writer)
  • Rifles and Ratafia by Barbara Duffy (Staff Writer)
  • A Proper Fitting Weskit by Chuck Casada (Staff Writer)
  • Memories of the First Linville Gorge Death March by William F. Brown III (Contributing Writer)
  • Superstition is the Way - Superstition, Witchcraft & Deathlore in Colonial North America by Jeff Prechtel
  • The Ulu; Historical Blade Still in Use Today by Dana S. Benner
  • Introducing the Abenaki Warrior by E. George Larrabee

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