Volume 14 Number 3 (May/June 2007)

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On The Trail to Fort Pitt by Robert Griffing
  • My Beginnings and Early Mistakes - Part II by Chuck Casada (Staff Writer)
  • "The Miller of the Dee:" Or Everything you Need to Know about Life by Barbara Duffy (Contributing Writer)
  • The Quest for the Holy Grail by Mike Moore (Staff Writer)
  • Weaving Truth with Trust by Missy Clark (Staff Writer)
  • Mythbusters: The Real Coureurs de Boius of New France by Isaac Walters (Contributing Writer)
  • The Ramblings of a Shirt Tailed Man, Part 6, The Ferguson Rifle: Fact, Fiction and Experimental Archeology by Ricky L. Roberts
  • Kancamagus: "The Fearless One" by Dana S. Benner
  • A Leathern or Seal's Skin Bag by Matt Wulf

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